Whether you are camping in a tent or an RV, backpacking through the woods, hiking along the cliffs, or hitting the open road on your motorcycle, you need the right gear to make your experience complete.  You may have sleeping bags, maps, and cooking utensils.  Now it is time to add the “must have” item to your travel gear!

Our Tough Tripod is one of the strongest and finest pieces of outdoor cooking equipment you will ever have the pleasure of using!  If you are camping in a tent or an RV, the Tough Tripod makes it easy for you to feed your family and friends.  It turns your campfire into an outdoor grill, allowing you to cook your favorite recipes directly on the grill, or even in a dutch oven.  The Tough Tripod makes a strong barbecue grill, holding up to 40 pounds of food over your campfire.

The Tough Tripod is safe for boy scouts and girl scouts to use.  It is quick and easy to assemble. The handle raises and lowers the grate, controlling the heat and cooking time of your food, and keeping your hands safe from harm.  Clean up is a breeze, and when you disconnect the grate, you have a lantern holder for the night!  

The Tough Tripod Jr. is the perfect accessory for your cooking needs when you are on the go.  It weighs just 8 1/2 pounds and disassembles to fit in your backpack, making it easy to carry through the woods or along hiking trails.  When it is time to eat, just set up the Tough Tripod Jr. over your fire, and make cooking a tasty meal quick and easy!

If you prefer to travel by motorcycle, the Tough Tripod Jr. can make your trip even better.  It packs and stores easily with the rest of your motorcycle gear.  You can travel light, yet still enjoy a hot meal when you stop to grill your outdoor picnic.

Pack the Tough Tripod Jr. with your gear when you go canoeing or boating.  When you dock, just set it up over your fire and cook your food right there.  If you go fishing, it is the best way to enjoy the freshest “catch of the day” possible!  The Tough Tripod Jr. is even useful for Civil War Reenactments!

Whether you prefer a stationary campsite or are an “on the go” adventurer, The Tough Tripod and Tough Tripod Jr. are the gear that will meet all of your cooking needs.  With a lifetime warranty, they give you a lifetime of outdoor fun!