I was brought up on a farm and my family never went camping. When my wife and I got married and had two children, we decided to start camping. We bought a lot of our equipment at the camp ground. We saw several cheap tripods for sale in the lodge as well as at camping stores. I work for a steel fabricating company, so I decided to design a tripod that would last forever.

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My design, the Tough Tripod, has a stainless steel edge around the grate, allowing you to rotate the grate without your food rolling off into the fire. The legs and handle of the Tough Tripod are made out of ½ inch standard pipe. I have patented the Tough Tripod, which I have been manufacturing for over 25 years. I still use my original Tough Tripod to this day. Everybody who sees and uses the Tough Tripod is amazed by its excellent quality. The Tough Tripod has been sold at campgrounds and camping stores throughout Wisconsin. Discover the amazing durability of the Tough Tripod for yourself!

– Jerry Endres, Owner