After receiving my new ToughTripod Grill and unpacking it I was amazed as I looked at the components that make up the unit. All pieces are simple and heavy duty. Everything fits together perfectly. The tripod is very sturdy when assembled and set up. Nothing short of a direct hit by a freight train could disturb it!! The grill surface is more than ample and strong enough to cook anything you want and has a nice stainless rim all around to contain the food. The grill is adjustable to any height desired via the generous handle and pulley system. This is truly a bomb proof unit! Hats off to a fine product that won’t let you….nor the food down!
– Dick Baumgartner, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

We had purchased a Tripod 2 years ago and was cheaply made.  We wish we knew about yours sooner!!

I work for Honda Manufacturing in Marysville, Ohio where we build the high quality ACCORD.  This product is very high quality. Thank You
– Rob Dysert

I knew what I was looking for when I started to search for a good… and I was only hoping for a good tripod. Ones we have used in the past have not even made it to the good category.  Yours is Excellent! Strong!, well thought out and easy to use.  Thank you for a quality product!  I will tell everyone I camp with about the TOUGH TRIPOD. My husband was thrilled with the TOUGH TRIPOD.
– Lisa Marie Moore

We like the size of the grill.  Great for cooking large amount of hamburgers.  Can cook 15 hamburgers at once!  Its great for a party with lots of kids!

Very Nice Tough Product!  Very happy with tripod.  Thanks
– Tom from Ohio

We’ve bought 3 so far.  2 for us and 1 as a gift.  Fellow RV’ers are really impressed with the set up.  Congratulations
– The Withers

This ToughTripod is the best we’ve seen yet.  Very easy to work with and versatile.
– Pat and Marcy Menasha, WI

I think its the coolest Tripod on the market and Best Built!
– Steve Kopki and Nancy Berge

My husband loves his ToughTripod.  We use it every weekend and he always says how nice  his tripod is and works so well!
– Renee Maki

Works great!!  Been looking for something like this for years!
– John Heinz

We loved it!  Thanks again
– Scott and Leah Reimer